The open bite

In the anterior open bite, the upper incisors do not cover the lower incisors and therefore a gap remains between the anterior teeth of the upper arch and those of the lower arch.

The causes of the anterior open bite can be hereditary, that is, due to an excessive vertical development of the bones of the face.

Other frequent causes are bad habits such as sucking the finger or lower lip, or an abnormal posture of the tongue, between the incisors rather than on the palate.

Partial obstructions of the airways of the nose (allergies, adenoids, tonsillar hypertrophy) can force the child to maintain an open mouth posture and breathe through the mouth (“oral breathing”) and over time can lead to an anterior open bite.

The therapy is performed with fixed orthodontic appliances, or with clear aligners (Invisalign).

The consultation of the otolaryngologist (ENT) and speech therapist is indicated to identify and correct problems of nasal obstruction or problems of lingual posture.

Case: Severe anterior open bite treated with fixed orthodontic appliance.

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