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Cantarella Orthodontics and MSE therapy

Cantarella Dental Clinic is a team of highly specialized dentists in Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry.

Constantly updated on the most modern techniques of orthodontics, dentistry and oral surgery, each dentist offers to the patients quality and highly specialized services to solve all problems related to the teeth of adults and children, leaded by Dr. Cantarella, PHD in Orthodontics and MSE Therapy.

Cantarella Dental Clinic today has two locations: a dental clinic in Treviso and a dental clinic in Nervesa della Battaglia (TV).

Dr. Daniele Cantarella, PhD

Dentist specialized in Orthodontics and MSE Therapy, Adjunct Professor at the University of Milan

Master of Science in the United States from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). His research, conducted at UCLA together with Prof. Won Moon, has been published in the main orthodontic journals, American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Progress in Orthodontics, and in 2019 received the FEO Award, a prize of the European Federation of Orthodontics. for the best scientific publication.
Dr. Cantarella has been using Prof. Moon’s Maxillary Skeletal Expander (MSE) technique for several years in the growing patient, in Class III malocclusions and in the adult patient. Cantarella Dental Clinic is a leading center for these problems in Italy and Europe.

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A team of dentists for your care

Specialists in orthodontics and pediatric dentistry

We believe in the added value of the multidisciplinary approach in dental care. Each dentist of our team works in a coordinated way to better solve the pathologies of the oral cavity: the orthodontic specialist deals with treating the growth anomalies of the facial bones and aligning teeth correctly with the aid of dental appliances that modern technology has made invisible and minimally invasive.

For children, our dentists work alongside hygienists and parents in educating them on proper dental hygiene. For adults, our dental office uses minimally invasive technologies and excellent dental surgeons for pain-free root canal treatment and safe and guaranteed dental implants.


Crooked teeth, narrow palate, impaired chewing and breathing are just some of the pathologies that the orthodontist deals with. Learn more about the treatment methods of the Cantarella Dental Clinic.

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Pediatric dentistry

The children’s dentist helps them reach adulthood with healthy, straight teeth. Prevention, tooth sealing and braces are some of the tools at our disposal.

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Specialist dentistry

Pathologies related to caries, periodontitis, gingivitis, missing teeth, inevitably arise over time. Learn more about the treatment methods of the Cantarella Dental Clinic.

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At your dentist, in total safety

In Treviso and Nervesa della Battaglia, a welcoming and reliable dental office

The Cantarella Dental Clinic has implemented high safety standards to allow its patients to undergo treatment safely. Both the Treviso dental office and the Nervesa della Battaglia dental office are equipped with a large waiting room where patients can wait for the moment of treatment in total safety and distance. Access to the operating rooms takes place in full compliance with the hygienic-sanitary precautions to guarantee the patient’s serenity.

Studio Dentistico Cantarella

Cantarella dental clinic

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Cantarella dental clinic
Nervesa della Battaglia

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